We recruit staff for various fields: hotels and boarding houses, warehouses, construction, agriculture, cleaning.

Select from Asia the workforce you need. You make the selection of Asian workers yourself, based on real-time or recorded work samples. And for a larger number of Asian workers, we invite you to join us in the country where we will be recruiting, so that you can select based on your physical encounters.

We offer you services in obtaining the A1 document, the document certifying the payment in the country of origin (in our case, Romania) of the social contributions for the workers posted in an EU member state or for those who carry out their activity at the same time on the territory of different European states.


SISAM SRL offers specialized consultancy on issues of safety and health of workers in accordance with the methodological norms for the application of the provisions of the Law on safety and health at work 319/2006.
1. Hazard identification and risk assessment for each job;
2. Elaboration and updating of the prevention and protection plan;
3. Elaboration of own instructions for completing and / or applying occupational safety and health regulations, taking into account the particularities of the activities and the unit, as well as of the jobs / workstations;
4. Preparation of a need for technical documentation for information and training of workers in the field of occupational safety and health;
5. Elaboration of the training-testing program at the level of the enterprise and / or unit;
6. The risk assessment and the documentation for occupational safety and health must be carried out and in the possession of the employer (according to Art.12 of Law 319/2006).


Fire Prevention and Extinguishing

The documentation is made at company level and takes into account the particularities of the locations used. It contains all the documents for organizing the activities in the field of emergency situations according to the legislation in force.

1. Prepares authority documents issued by the company’s administrator (head of the institution) on fire protection;
2. Prepares emergency protection plans;
3. Carries out the general introductory training in the field of emergency situations for the beneficiary’s employees at the company’s headquarters (institution), respectively at the training office in the field of emergency situations of the company SISAM SRL;
4. Prepares fire protection instructions;
5. Prepares the annual theme and the schedule of training-testing of workers in the field of emergency situations;
6. Provides advice, information and guidance on ensuring the minimum signaling requirements in the field of emergencies according to H.G. 971/2006 and the endowment with technical means of extinguishing fires.


In the field of Human Resources SISAM SRL offers consultancy regarding the preparation of the file with the following documents:

1. Internal Regulations (including obligations to know and respect occupational safety and health decisions).
2. Job description (including how to adopt and comply with measures for occupational safety and health).
3. The Collective Labor Agreement.


We offer a full range of legal advice, assistance and representation services in any area of ​​law.

We provide you with the best solutions, in a professional manner, in order to achieve the proposed objectives.

SISAM provides legal advice and representation before the courts. Legal aid services:
1. Labor legislation and taxation;
2. Legal assistance and representation before public authorities in the preliminary procedure, as well as before the courts and administrative litigation;
3. Legal assistance and representation in the administrative and judicial procedures generated by the controls of the various inspection bodies (ITM, ANAF, AFM, IGI, etc.);
4. Contract;
5. Intellectual property;
6. Litigation.


Occupational medicine is the medical specialty that deals with the prevention, diagnosis and management of occupational diseases, accidents at work, as well as health insurance in order to increase productivity at work.

Occupational Medicine Service, in accordance with Law 319/2006, the Methodological Norms for Application Published in the Official Gazette 882 / 30.10.2006 and the Government Decision 355 of 17.05.2007 regarding the medical examinations for each professional category, ensures:
Monitoring the health of employees by:
1. Medical examination at employment – structured according to the profession and the risk exposure form. Establishes work aptitude;
2. Periodic medical check-up – reassessment of health;
3. Medical examination at the resumption of the activity – for persons who have interrupted the service for more than 30 days due to medical reasons;
4. Adaptation medical examination – establishes the fitness for work of persons employed in places with proven or potential occupational risk;
5. Vocational rehabilitation and vocational reorientation in case of work accident;
6. Permanent collaboration with the family doctor of the employed staff, information on the state of health;
7. Monitoring the ailments of the employees by taking into account the medical leave certificates and following the evolution of the disease;
8. At the end of the occupational medicine examinations, the employee and the employer will receive the result of the evaluation through the medical file which mentions the aptitude for employment according to the profession and function;
9. Communicating the professional risk to all the factors involved in the work process;
10. Advising the employer on adapting the work to the psychophysiological characteristics of the employee;
11. Advising the employer to substantiate the health and safety strategy at work;

The advantage of occupational medicine services:
1. Reducing the number of days absent from work;
2. Increasing the efficiency of the activity carried out by the client;
3. Verification and approval of medical leave;
4. Examinations for occupational medicine may be carried out at the employer’s premises if the company arranges a suitable hygienic-sanitary space for carrying out medical examinations.



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